a Neymar Suarez Opponent Wanted Immediately

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dancemusicproductionforum.com – It looks like one of the players international stars from Brazil that reinforce one big team of origin La Liga, FC Barcelona.

​​Neymar Da Silva Junior has been felt not wait to be able to be face to face with one of his team-mates in the Azulgrana named Luis Suarez, at the time qualifying event 2018 World Cup South American zone.

Where both players will soon meet on March 26, 2016, precisely on Saturday. In the previous match, in the know that Neymar failed to be able to strengthen the team samba, in because he was injured, but at this time the 24-year-old player recognizes that he is ready to be re-invigorate the country.

“We often communicate ahead of this match, my relationship with Suarez is still fine, we have a good relationship with Lionel Messi as well.” Said the former player of the FC Santos this as in reports by Goal.

Although they have a fairly harmonious relationship, Neymar does not deny that he would be able to continue playing with the maximum and will continue to dedicate a victory for his country.

Until now know that the Brazilian himself to know that he had secured the points of 7 pieces points and make them to be ranked third, agen sbobet while for Uruguay alone they were in second place with nine points.

“In my view this would be a game that is very unusual for me and also Suarez, I am very optimistic and confident that this will be a match of extraordinary to be watched. Suarez is a player that is very unusual, and I would immediately confront him, I hope to win the hard game. “End of Neymar who was a teammate of Luis Suarez in one of the top teams from Spain, FC Barcelona.

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