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ahead of the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil later, we participate menyemarakan ball festive world stage, the World Cup 2014. We Agent SEO SEO Contest or Contest will begin on July 6, 2013, with a total prize of Rp 30,000,000, –

Follow and register yourself to win and join the 2014 World Cup in Brazil later. Prepare your best website to enter this contest. Prove that you are here SEO Expert. A good time to test the ability of SEO you are not in vain, the contest prize is $ 30,000,000, – Wait what?

This SEO contest will use the keyword (Keyword) “Bandar888COM BALL TRUSTED AGENT WORLD CUP 2014″. If you simply believe in the ability of your SEO, please register your best web NOW! And won the first prize of Rp 10,000,000, -. The decision to award will be determined by the rules of the contest seo that can be found on this page.
What are you waiting for? Follow this contest now! Greetings Sports! We welcome the 2014 World Cup with Excitement!


1. All contest participants must be willing to follow the rules and regulations in force in the SEO Contest without exception.
2. All contest participants must write an article on the theme that we have determined that ” TRUSTED AGENT WORLD CUP BALL 2014” on a personal website or blog miik respectively.
3. In the article there are at least 450 characters and words should Insert three backlink to your article with anchor text in the form of:
-. Agen Bola (the link destination http://www.
-. Online Casino agent (the link destination http://www.8
-. Agen Bola 2014 World Cup (the link destination http://www.
NOTE: If found not there three backlinks then your blog automatically disqualified without notice.
4. Fill the contested article should not be at 100% by the contents of the article other participants (prohibited from registering posts that are the result of copy and paste from an article the other participants) and are not allowed to write articles that contents of 50% this article on seo contest. Articles should contain other matters related to the theme that we have set.
5. Age Blog or Website are included in the contest a minimum age of 3 Months
6. Blog or Website are included in this contest instead of a blog or website that are pornographic, and violating laws applicable in Indonesia and in articles that you write for seo contest is not to be offensive, as well as pornography.
7. Participants must include the url posting (not the main page or url website) when registering. Articles or posts that are not registered will not be ratified until the participant registered urlnya
8. Mandatory install at least 1 and 1 banner banner seo contest on a personal website or blog miik respectively.
Click here to choose a banner * or visit the menu page banner
9. Insert the ​​backlinks with anchor text in the form ​​Trusted Agent Online Gambling and on the banner contest seo ​​with anchor text in the form of a contest seo ​​welcomed world cup 2014,
10. 1 domain web / blog may only register one time.
11. Url which is in the order of 1-20 if one url is not listed in our database, it will not be recognized as the winner and was replaced with the url below.
12. The participants are not allowed to use blackhat seo techniques such as cloacking, link farm, invisible text, keyword stuffing and all kinds of cheating in seo techniques. For those who do this, the committee reserves the right to cancel the victory and replace it with a url that are below.
13. Not allowed to use the keyword domain name, and use the keyword subdomain. Should actually posting a blog or website that you have.
14. Who will be the judge in this contest is GOOGLE.CO.ID (location Indonesia) by clearing the first HISTORY AND COOKIES.
15. Winners of the contest is that participants who blog or website (url posting and not the domain name) indexed at least 20 days in with keywords diperlombakan and already registered in a data base committee.
16. If the judging there is a keyword that appears in the Bookmark and Social Social media will not be counted.
17. Prohibited register using an email address that has been registered previously.
18. It should not be using PPC to promote participation in this seo seo contest team will continuously menantau and watched the contest participants and the course of the contest, if there are participants who get caught using PPC both local and foreign, will be immediately disqualified, the disqualified participants may enter the contest from the beginning by using another blog, which has not been registered. note: blogs are prohibited from using PPC advertising is a blog that utilize PPC advertising to promote the participation in this SEO contest. In the blog contained PPC advertising is not prohibited to participate in the contest
19. Participants must agree to all terms and conditions of the race without exception.
20. Contestant registration closed on September 7, 2013 at 00:00 pm (If you register on September 7, 2013 at 00:01 pm, it will not be recognized as a contestant even though in the end the website url of your post is in one or two pages with keywords diperlombakan.
21. We will continue to review the regulations to add along with the development of this contest, and the committee’s decision will be final.
22. We as the committee possessed the right to review each winner, reduce or add to existing legislation, and select and disqualify a blog or website that participated in this seo contest.

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